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The Collin County chapter of Angel Cakes is geared up to make many special cakes this year.

In 2008, the Plano Chapter of Angel Cakes gave over 75 cakes to the children at The Samaritan Inn, City House Teen Shelter, as well as, The Goodman Girls Home and The Boyd Boys Home.

In 2007 the Plano chapter of Angel Cakes gave 55 cakes to the children at The Samaritan Inn, City House Teen Shelter, as well as, City House TLP.

Here are some of the cakes that brought smiles to the children:

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MitchelCake2.jpg (69201 bytes)  MitchelCake1.jpg (53890 bytes)  MitchelCake7.jpg (63725 bytes)

  • Toy Story Theme

  • Round three-layer chocolate cake

  • Chocolate butter cream frosting

  • Electric blue and lime green piped decorations and between cake layers

Valentine's Day party for the children - Samaritan Inn, McKinney, Texas

HeartCake.jpg (62922 bytes)  HeartCakeDetail.jpg (61969 bytes)

  • Heart shaped strawberry cake

  • Strawberry flavored white butter cream frosting and piped decorations

  • Red chocolate letters and heart as cake topper

  • Two strands of pearls decorate the sides

  • Cloth red lace edging

DSC00020.JPG (60932 bytes)  DSC00023.JPG (70087 bytes)  DSC00021.JPG (62147 bytes)  

  • Race Car Theme

  • Round two-layer blue cake

  • Vanilla butter cream frosting

  • Blue accent decorations

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  • Dallas Cowboys Theme

  • Round 2-layer dark blue cake

  • Vanilla butter cream frosting

  • Dark blue accent decorations with mini candy footballs 

DSC00241.JPG (64008 bytes)  DSC00242.JPG (63749 bytes)

  • Round two-layer lime green cake

  • Pink butter cream frosting

  • Lime green accent decorations with gel Swiss dots 

DSC00011.JPG (71738 bytes)  DSC00012.JPG (62423 bytes)  DSC00013.JPG (63053 bytes)  DSC00014.JPG (63624 bytes)  DSC00015.JPG (61316 bytes)

  • Round two-layer cake - one layer purple, the other lime green

  • White butter cream frosting lime flavored

  • Purple and lime colored accent decorations

  • Buzz Lightyear and  Woody decorations

  • 2 Cosmic party blowers

Here are some of the cakes we have sold or donated to raise money for Angel Cakes in Collin County:

EmilyBaptism6.jpg (37243 bytes)  EmilyBaptism7.jpg (45584 bytes)  EmilyBaptism3.jpg (44425 bytes)

  • Cross shape lemon cake

  • Lemon flavored white butter cream frosting

  • Pink and yellow piped decorations

  • Pink girl and Bible porcelain cake topper

  • Tuk-n-ruffle edging with pearls draped on cake

  • 6 white satin roses with pearl decorations

DSC00106.JPG (60634 bytes)  DSC00107.JPG (61703 bytes)  DSC00108.JPG (60304 bytes)  DSC00109.JPG (60527 bytes)

  • Round three-layer orange colored and flavored cake
  • Yellow butter cream frosting orange flavored
  • Three clowns with frosting bodies and clown heads
  • Teal and green accent decorations
  • Edible glitter in red and blue 

Awanas Bouquet of Flowers Cake

  DSC00111.JPG (63952 bytes)  DSC00112.JPG (71324 bytes)  DSC00113.JPG (68352 bytes)  DSC00114.JPG (64593 bytes) DSC00110.JPG (59910 bytes)

  • Character pan cake - Bouquet of Flowers
  • Orange colored and flavored cake (made with orange juice)
  • Star tip frosting decorations
  • Butter cream frosting

CakeClass4-2.jpg (38605 bytes)  CakeClass4-6.jpg (37705 bytes)

  • Two layer  raspberry cake
  • Raspberry white butter cream frosting
  • Lavender, light pink, and leaf green piped decorations
  • Swirl drop flowers, large center swirl with green leaves on top
  • Swiss dots and ruffle garland as side decorations

CakeClass5-1.jpg (61739 bytes)  CakeClass5-3.jpg (62833 bytes)

  • 9 x 13 two-layer cake - one strawberry and one vanilla layer

  • Strawberry flavored white butter cream frosting

  • Three pink roses with green leaves

  • Red and pink piped sweet peas with green leaves

  • Red piped braid top border and shell bottom  border

Fondant cake

DSC00005.JPG (58153 bytes)  DSC00006.JPG (59424 bytes)  DSC00007.JPG (61303 bytes)
DSC00010.JPG (61844 bytes)  DSC00008.JPG (60749 bytes)  DSC00009.JPG (60223 bytes)  

  • Round four-layer pink raspberry flavored cake
  • White butter cream frosting underneath Fondant
  • Hand-painted edible flowers  
  • White fondant lace decorations

DSC00001.JPG (61507 bytes)  DSC00004.JPG (61911 bytes)  

  • 1/2 Vanilla and 1/2 Chocolate Bible Cake
  • White butter cream frosting with Raspberry flavoring
  • Pink lettering and orange accent decorations 



Making  children smile is such a "sweet" reward!

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