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About Angel Cakes:

We are a network of volunteers
who bake special cakes and give
them to homeless and underprivileged
children on their birthday.

Angel Cakes can provide a unique birthday cake for a child of a less fortunate family so the parents can use the money for something else like bills or housing costs.

We know, it doesn't seem like much, but if you had to worry about how you were going to feed your family their next meal, you probably wouldn't spend the last $15 or $20 dollars in your pocket on a birthday cake...

Angel Cakes volunteers are very special people who have caring hearts and give their time and resources to ensure that the birthday cakes they give will bring smiles to the faces of all these wonderful children.

Our volunteers are truly blessed with talent and creativity!   It is so rewarding to know that through this mission, we can help make these children happy - especially on their birthdays!  All of our volunteers pay for their supplies themselves and make these cakes on their own time, out of love for the children and a deep understanding about community service.  

Would you like to see some of the cakes that have made the children smile?  There is a link in the top left margin of this webpage.  It is called "See Our Cakes."

If you are interested in reading about each of our individual Chapters, just scroll back up and click on the state (or division) you would like to see then click on the chapter (county or community).

Please be sure to look around our website.
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God bless you and yours!


Making  children smile is such a "sweet" reward!

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